Special Education Advocacy

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the IEP process or having trouble getting your school to respond to your childs unique needs, I can help.

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Service Referrals

Looking for a special service for your child? I have a decade of experience locating hard to find services for children with disabilities.

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Attorney Referrals

If your school is absolutely intransigent, I refer my clients to local attorneys who specialize in Special Education.

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My philosophy


I believe students are best served by a cooperative and collaborative partnership between parents and the school. That said, sometimes disagreements happen. Education has its own language, as do most other professions, and when a breakdown in communication occurs having an expert on your side can help you get what is appropriate for your child. That's what I do.

I also believe that sometimes people get blinded to the needs of the child by personality conflicts or other issues. My goal is to keep the team focused on the childs needs, not bickering about nonessential issues.


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