Major Announcements August 2020 Edition!

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Major announcements today!

Hello all. I am overjoyed to announce these changes to my business model. I am always looking for new ways to serve my clients, and these changes will allow me to do an even better job for you.

The first announcement is that I am raising my rates. Effective immediately, advocacy services are $85 per hour. I held my rates down to $50 per hour as long as I could, but it is time for them to go up. If you are a current client and we have an ongoing action, there will be a grace period where we figure out how to make things work. Those decisions will be made case by case. For new clients, or returning clients I have not worked with in more than a year, the rate is $85 an hour. That means the initial 10 hour fee for a new case is $850 and the 4 hour per meeting fee is now $340. On the advocacy side, everything will work the same as it has in the past.

I do this so I have time to roll out my IEP coaching business. I recently completed the Master IEP Coach course, and I feel that this is a more effective way for me to pass on what I have learned to folks. I have developed many tools in my years as an advocate, and the coaching will allow me to share those tools and help parents take control of their IEP teams. IEP coaching is also more affordable, as it is $250 for 3 hours. That 3 hours is all person-to-person time. On the coaching side I will not charge for document review time. This is a pretty big win, as about half my time in the advocacy cases is spent reviewing documents or researching them.

There will be more announcements coming soon, but this is the first big one. Stay tuned for details on how to sign up for coaching. If you want a sample of what I’m working on for my folks or want to stay in the loop, click the link below and sign up with your email address. Happy advocating!

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