The care and feeding of your M.A.S.C.

Howdy! You’re reading this because you probably received one of our masks and have some questions. The video above will answer most of your questions, but read on for anything it might not answer.

1. Your mask can be washed in the washing machine.

We prewash the fabric we get so it should not run or bleed once you get it. That said, if you want to wash it on its own first that probably isn’t a bad idea as I purchase the fabric. I don’t make it.

2. Your mask will fit a filter.

There is a 3″ gap at the top of your mask that you can use to insert a filter. Filter materials vary, but many folks use either coffee filters or shop towels. I’ll make a video showing how to insert a filter later, but for now just know that you can insert a filter if you like.

3. Your nose piece is replaceable if it wears out or falls out.

Just turn your mask inside out and look on the back side of the masks. There is a seam sewn in the middle of the mask. Lift up the flap and insert the nose piece through the middle section above the seam. I use pipe cleaners for the nose pieces, but a small piece of low gauge wire works too.

4. If your mask is too big:

You can tie off the elastic bands to make them smaller.

5. If your mask is too small:

You can make some extra elastic lengths and tie them in to the existing elastic. Hair bands make great extenders.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned here as I’m sure this will get updated frequently.