Do you feel like you attend meeting after meeting but your child never seems to learn or make any educational progress?

Have you grown tired of asking for help from the school only to be told “no” a thousand different ways?

Are you wondering how you will find a way to teach your child because the school cannot seem to figure out how your child learns?


We were in the same place when our son was younger. We figured out how to advocate for him. Now, we help other people learn how to do what we did: advocate with passion and clarity for their child’s education.


If you feel like your child is stuck,

If you feel like your IEP meetings are all battles,

If you want better solutions and stronger services in your IEP,

We can help you resolve that.

Call us, email us, or fill out a contact form for a free 20 minute consultation. Even if you do not pay us a dime, we will still give you something that will help you and your child.


Special Education Advocacy

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the IEP process or having trouble getting your school to respond to your childs unique needs, I can help. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation and we can talk about your options.

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IEP Coaching

Do you think you advocate well but need some tips? Do you get 50% of what you need but the remaining half still escapes you? I can help. Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what works for you.

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Document Review

Are the school documents difficult to read? Are the assessments written in what seems like a foreign language? I can help interpret those results. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation and we can discuss your needs.

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Advocating since 2008

Our philosophy


Students are best served by a cooperative and collaborative partnership between parents and the school. That said, sometimes disagreements happen. Education has its own language, as do most other professions. When a breakdown in communication occurs you need an expert on your side to ensure your child receives what is appropriate for their needs. That is what we do.

Sometimes people get blinded to the needs of the child by personality conflicts, preconceived notions, or other issues. Our goal is to keep the team focused on the child's needs and away from nonessential or distracting topics. That focus leads to better IEP design which, in turn, leads to a higher quality and more appropriate education for the children we serve.


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